anshuumathy madhan



i’m anshuu!


i’m a psychologist and a trained counselor!


the most interesting part of being a mental health professional for me is getting to know people from various walks of life. as a counsellor, i strongly believe that every individual has their own super power to think for themselves, and exercise their power to choose, and manifest a fulfilling life. so, i strive to create a safe space where people feel seen and understood enough to guide themselves towards fulfillment. and that, to me, is what i would consider my sweetest victory.


my journey in mental health began when i chose to study psychology in school. the content of the subject intrigued me. i found myself relating to it hugely because it resonated with my own personal experiences. my interest and passion to work with people led me to pursue a bachelor's and masters' degree in applied psychology (counselling).

i believe in taking an integrated and holistic approach. i am most comfortable using elements from different therapeutic schools to suit individual needs. an awareness that sometimes our experiences from the past influence the way we think, behave and feel in the present has made me enjoy using transactional analysis as an approach in my practice. this approach helps individuals regain autonomy over their lives in the present. 


empathy, trust, safety, transparency, mutual respect & equality together form the primary base of my therapeutic practice as i engage with individuals. some of my primary facilitations involve working with individuals who aim to develop self-awareness, personal growth, cope with loss & separation, manage challenging situations (relationship issues/ decision making) and inner child work.

interacting with children is also something i enjoy! 

i see myself functioning without a filter of “how things should be” around them.

in my personal little world, i am thrilled to be around water, heights, dogs and dosas!