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how can I learn to be mindful of my internal dialogues & value drivers, to engage, disengage & harness their potential?

programme brief


when we bring ourselves to a therapeutic space, we bring with us — our diverse experiences, cultural contexts, beliefs, values & so much more! as we engage with people & respond to them, we may sometimes experience some challenges, for instance — being influenced by our preconceived notions & attitudes, and internal conflicts that arise from a clash in values. we could also experience discomfort if certain aspects of the engagement remind us of unpleasant experiences from our own lives. 


'aware’ explores the ‘self’ in the therapeutic context, and aims to promote stronger awareness of our expansive inner worlds. we delve into our personal values, value conflicts, internal dialogues, response mechanisms, triggers & more! 

what we learn

  • the self & self awareness in a therapeutic context  

  • values & value conflicts 

  • how does our internal dialogue influences the conversation? 

  • understanding our personal internal dialogue 

  • tackling internal value conflicts 

  • understanding & managing triggers  

  • self- disclosure  

  • resilience training and emotion management

to enrol or know more details, write to us!

we'd be happy to have a conversation with you!

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