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community based 
youth mental health 


a partnership with
people's action for national integration (PANI)

the Youth Mental Wellbeing Programme, conducted in partnership with People's Action for National Integration ‘PANI’, a social development organization working in underdeveloped regions of Uttar Pradesh, India for more than 36 years, is a continuing initiative aimed at addressing mental distress and narrowing the gap in treatment for mental illnesses among the rural youth aged 16-24. Operating across 93 villages in Ayodhya, UP, the program seeks to reduce the treatment gap for depression and anxiety in young people by at least 50% in the program geography and a reduction of at least 20% in scores on moderate to severe anxiety and depression in affected youth. 

our programme is designed to 

1. create & curate mental health literacy enhancement programmes to develop readiness, awareness & help seeking behaviour amongst the youth using — drama, customised participatory multi-arts programmes, lectures, workshops, experiential activities & more.  

2. train & support peer workers to identify depression & anxiety, and provide psychosocial services of incremental complexity to young people in the community.

3. develop a service pathway using a stepped care model for mental health care in the community.

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