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arts & research matter in every aspect of our lives.

respecting artists, researchers and their ideas is essential.

the various designs, images, creatives, written content, ideas you will or have come across our site and our communications are created and executed with a lot of ideation, thought and effort put in by many many wonderful people.


we would request you not to copy / plagiarise / modify / rework anything that you see, hear or read.


at sumunum, we believe that due credits and appropriate transactional routes must be followed for any sharing of creations/expressions/ skills and knowledge. we welcome this kind of sharing that is rooted in equitable spaces for all and would gladly have a conversation with you on any possible collaborations and/or creation sharing spaces. please feel free to connect with us in this regard here.


we do not subscribe to plagiarism, copyrights and trademark infringement and so, all the content that you find on our site is original and if shared, then it is with due consent from the creators or their representing individuals and/or entities.


we would request you to do the same.


thank you for being with us on our journey and let us work together to create an inclusive and equitable space for all in and through our efforts and endeavors.


let's have a chai or coffee or something! 

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