deepika easwaran



i'm deepika. 


i am a psychologist.

i enjoy connecting with individuals and groups across the life span. i particularly love conversations with children, adolescents & young adults. 


my journey in mental health began through being introduced to psychology at school. i was instantly intrigued by the discipline and everything it encompassed, which led me to exploring it further in college, and beyond. i studied for my master’s degree in applied psychology (clinical) at tata institute of social sciences, mumbai. 


my training has offered me opportunities to facilitate therapeutic conversations across settings including schools, hospitals, clinics & state-run shelter homes. each of these experiences has taught me that a safe space has immense power in enabling genuine connection, expression & the acceptance of what makes us all human. 


i believe strongly in taking an eclectic, inclusive & an intersectional approach to mental healthcare. i am also very excited about being trained in the open dialogue model, which places transparency and collaborative decision making at the centre of the therapeutic space. understanding identities, building stronger relationships, handling stressors (such as conflict & critical life transitions), managing a range of mental health concerns, and strengthening skills (such as emotional awareness & self-compassion) are some themes i typically explore with people. 


through my conversations, i hope to do the best i can to enable a space that is respectful of all our differences, our challenges, our layers, our complexities & our strengths. 

outside of sharing warm spaces with people, i am happiest when i am around dogs, books, music, dance, beaches & plants!