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kamala easwaran


i’m kamala. 

i am a mental health & development professional. 

i am also an individual with a passion for stories. listening. sharing. creating.

i believe we are all a work in progress. we all need greater self-acceptance, compassion & forgiveness rather than perfectionism & self-criticism.

i believe strongly in the power of creating and sustaining connection. our connection will help us push through obstacles. it will help us get creative & push boundaries with care plans. 

i believe in the sacred space that we share together during each conversation, and respect it profoundly. 

my journey in mental health began serendipitously during my school days. i was quite certain of the kind of career paths that i did not want.

i knew for certain that i wanted to work with people - as in, be around them, with them, talking to them, learning from them - constantly. i have also always had a fondness for conversations, and for picking up on little nuances. i was fascinated by the unpredictability, fortitude and sheer perseverance of human behaviour. 

this interest coupled with a personal experience of loss spurred me to explore psychology as a career pathway. 

i studied psychology, and then went on to do a master’s in development from King’s College London. 

i chose development because of a firm belief in the fact that i wanted to move away from a solely ‘medical’ perspective into a more holistic, ecological systems & social justice-oriented lens to mental health. my training in psychology, coupled with a strong understanding of our local context, structural barriers to care such as gender, caste, class, sexual orientation makes me strongly equipped to work not only with an individual -- but in tandem with the ecosystem. 

this dual orientation enables me to be aware of the systemic and social factors contributing to the mental health, wellbeing & illness continuum. 

my approach is collaborative, holistic and integrated. i draw from several schools of thought and weave together tools & aspects from diverse interventions. care planning is personalised and will be driven by the both of us together. through a collaborative and holistic approach, i aim to support people in tackling challenging life transitions and complex problems such as bereavement, loss, chronic ill-health / pain, depression, anxiety, caregiver fatigue, personality disorders and other mental health conditions as well. in addition, i also work to support individuals in developing greater self-awareness and understanding and help them access inner and outer resources to better manage stressors and challenges of daily life. 

i bring my heart, my whole self, and all the resources i can muster, into the conversations that we have. i aspire to support each individual i engage with to embrace their rough edges, build resilience & find greater compassion for themselves. we will work together to make way for the duality in life - to remind ourselves that we can find and experience joy, connectedness, resilience and hope in our distress / challenges. 

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