namrutha prakash



i’m namrutha. 


i am a psychologist...!  


i have always been interested in people. talking to them, listening to them and simply being around them is something that i look forward to. so, when i had the option of studying a subject that explored human behaviour it was an easy choice.  


my journey with mental health has given me the chance to work in different settings including non-governmental organisations, schools, cancer institutes, hospitals and learning centres for children. during this time i have met and worked with many different people. i enjoy working with children and young people in particular.  i completed my masters in clinical psychology from Christ (deemed to be University), Bangalore. 


i believe that each person has their own set of skills, resources and most importantly their personal definition of mental health & wellbeing. guided by this belief my approach to psychotherapy is eclectic in nature with a leaning towards person-centered and strength-based work. rooting our interactions in practices that are non-directive, inclusive and flexible to suit every person's needs.  


during our sessions we use a range of techniques including visualisation, self-compassion exercises, mindfulness and art-based practices. the areas where i have worked with individuals in the past has been – some mental health concerns including anxiety and depression, managing emotions, working on relationships, skill development, working through major life changes, etc.   


our conversations will be guided by respect & honesty, with the intent to support and care being the core of our engagement. i hope that the space we share is filled with openness, acceptance, genuineness, trust and collaboration.  


when i'm not sharing conversations with others - i like to take really long walks, watch too many YouTube videos and listen to the same song over and over again!!