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narratives of resilience


we are presently collaborating with Udaan, a joint initiative of Tata Trusts & the Government of Maharashtra. Udaan seeks to reform the Regional Mental Hospital, Nagpur & provide community-based interventions across 13 blocks in Nagpur, through the District Mental Health Programme.


our program in collaboration with Udaan uses theatre and principles of drama to engage with participants. drama is holistic and includes elements of visual art, craft, and other performance arts such as music, rhythm, and movement within its scope.


the programme is bespoke and is designed in collaboration with the staff members from the Udaan team to suit the needs of each ward or audience.


the process includes


  • using arts-based interventions to improve participation, social, and functional recovery outcomes for service users (at the Regional Mental Hospital & through the District Mental Health Programme), for example - increased focus on activities of daily living, social transactions, relationships, occupational functioning, attention span, mobility, etc.

  • including caregivers and community members in the process, thereby enabling an inclusive environment that reduces caregiver burden and stigma as a result of mental health concerns.

  • offering workshops & training for mental health professionals and para-professionals. including - case managers, social workers, psychologists, nurses, and community-based workers - to use and offer drama & arts-based services.

  • archiving, documenting, developing arts-based, and recovery-oriented intervention resources to improve mental health outcomes.


do get in touch with us if you would like to be a part of this programme


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