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every contribution and transaction is accounted for


we are more than happy to tell you where your donations went

  • all the payments/donations will be acknowledged via electronic receipts.  should you require a receipt in any other form, please do contact us and we will send you the same.

  • due diligence is practiced to make sure that all our payments/donations amounts are explained and articulated well before the actual remittance, so it is unlikely that matters relating to refund may arise as they would be explained clearly in the contract of transaction.  should any such matter come up despite all this, we are happy to have a conversation with you and sort it out as per mutual ease and comfort. 

  • by oversight and/or negligence, if any amount transacted is lesser or more than the agreed sum of the contract and/or transaction, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will also do the same from our side and see to it that the error is resolved amicably. 

  • we do our best to see to it that all the paperwork pertaining to the monetary transaction is prepared and sent appropriately and uptodate.  should we miss a deadline or sending some paper on time (as is sometimes natural!) please just let us know and we will work double-speed.

  • to cancel conversation appointments, please contact us 24 hours prior to your appointment! we will refund your payment for that session & release the session slot for someone else on our waiting list. unfortunately, we will be unable to refund your session fee if cancelled on the day of the session. 

  • of course, none of the above is legally binding.  should any issue come up, then we can always resolve it over a chai, coffee or something, 


all the chais, coffees or somethings mentioned in the above points are on us. 

it will be our pleasure. 

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