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the human potential is vast and comprises a multitude of strengths and intelligence. arts-based approaches to education can play a critical role in building on these varied strengths, by diversifying the curriculum & strengthening multiple pathways to learning, thereby harnessing each individual’s potential. arts engagement also can help in building essential social-emotional skills, including self-awareness, problem-solving, decision making, and critical thinking. 

we use multi-arts experiences as a foundation to build customised and creative training modules, and promote mental health & wellbeing across educational institutions, including schools & colleges.

our social emotional learning program for schools



"our tailormade arts based social emotional experiential learning programme for children across all ages in schools."


developed by experienced artists, facilitators and above all CHILDREN, the artscool is a comprehensive time specific program that grows with the children through their ages at school.

artscool is a well grounded and rounded arts’ based experiential learning program that combines drama, visual art, movement and other art forms that enable a child to experience, learn and apply their skills to various aspects of their life in school and beyond.


it goes hand in hand with their academic curriculum with a specific focus on their learning styles and developmental dynamic in order to make them ready for life with the life-skills that are an absolute necessity for their journey in school and after.


artscool is aimed towards the following…

  • awareness - of self and world around, balance of both and creation of symbiotic growth

  • emotional awareness and balance

  • communications and language skills - voice & language - dynamic and understanding

  • social interaction skills and support

  • body responsibility and self esteem skills 

  • diversity - acceptance through understanding

  • tolerance and respect - dynamic and nature

  • openness and co-existence: creation and preservation of inclusive spaces

  • personality and behaviour 

  • conflict - identification, understanding of dynamic

  • conflict - management and problem solving

  • conversation and dialogue (self and others)

  • persistence and resilience building - practical role play and road map building

  • listening to the body - body expression

  • thought, expression, articulation: dynamic and nature.

  •  and a lot more...

teachers play a role that is extremely important and go a long way in the all round learning and development of our children.  whether it is in the classroom or beyond, academic or life, this relationship is a key element to the overall foundation that we are committed to strengthen for our children and their ways forward… in the school and beyond. 

our programs for  teachers 

  • teacher training programmes

  • teaching skills enhancement programmes

do get in touch with us and we would love to have a conversation with you

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