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arts for development 

using arts as a catalyst for change,
by enabling expression, sparking discourse & inspiring action

we strongly believe in art as a catalyst for social change and development. 

by enabling expression, art can unearth new ideas, spark active discourse, and inspire action.  


through partnerships with state & non-state agencies, we offer: 


arts based programmes & experiential learning modules that tackle challenges in health & social welfare, in areas including but not limited to — mental health poverty alleviation, gender, health & hygiene, disability, environmental welfare & education.


our programmes are designed to cater to —

our programmes focus on themes including —  






we do this by creating & curating — street plays, customised participatory multi-arts programmes, lectures, workshops, performances, screenings & more.  

  • vulnerable communities  

  • social development organisations,  

  • displaced & re-settled communities  

  • special needs & abilities focused institutions  

  • construction sites  

  • coping with trauma & displacement  

  • health, wellbeing & social care systems awareness  

  • employment enabling skills building  

  • awareness of their rights & systemic functions  

  • enabling creativity & discovering latent skills for expression  

  • & other specific needs & requirements

our projects


community based 
youth mental health - uttar pradesh


arts interventions to reduce the mental health impact of domestic violence - gujarat


institutional mental health care - regional mental hospital, nagpur

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