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i’m tharani (thaar-nee).


i’m a psychologist.


my journey with psychology started when i was seventeen. the workings of the human mind fascinated me. i had always been curious about why we are the way we are and why we feel the way we feel, so i slotted right in with the subject. i did my bachelors in psychology and went on to get a  masters in applied psychology with a specialisation in counselling and psychotherapy.


i have dipped my toes in working with various populations, from school children to the elderly. as a mental health professional i enjoy connecting with people from different backgrounds and getting to know the inner worlds of different people. 

i strongly believe that each individual is the expert in their own lives and has the tools to facilitate growth at their disposal already.


i strive to create a safe environment of kindness, empathy, tranquillity, & equality,  – where individuals feel seen, heard and respected. i am driven towards enabling secure spaces for queer communities wherein fluidity is embraced . i adopt a diversity informed intersectional lens to my work. 

my approach is holistic and integrated and is driven by transparency and collaboration. i am particularly interested in working with adolescents & young adults. i aim to support individuals in exploring identity, enhancing problem solving, stress & distress tolerance. in our work together, i will draw from my training in cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused brief therapy, and mindfulness based approaches. i also harness a range of artistic modalities to lend a fresh perspective & deepen introspection. 

in my free time, you will find me...

playing video games for countless hours

staring at a canvas trying to decide what i want to paint

picking up clams at the seashore

curling up with a book

...or furiously typing out long sentences with unnecessary commas into my phone...! 

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