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the company

whether you are old or young,

an individual or a group,

a school or a corporate

we can facilitate bringing arts & wellbeing to you



individual and group based therapeutic engagement sessions facilitated by mental health professionals who are trained in strengths based, dialogic & arts based approaches


our personalised therapeutic conversations aim to support each individual through challenging life transitions & enhancing overall wellbeing


we also work with individuals who have specific concerns such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorders and other mental health concerns




sumunumscool is the learning circle at sumunum. we believe that creativity and imagination are agents of wellbeing, and help keep individuals happier, healthier and enhance overall quality of life.   

we offer arts based experiential learning programmes for individuals across all ages & backgrounds, in coollaboration with our partner, theatre y.


well @ work


learning and development programmes for

individuals and groups in corporate and social organisations


  • wellness at the workplace

  • organisational diversity, inclusion & ethics

  • alignment to organisational vision and ethos 

  • communication and leadership 



we strive to promote arts interventions in various spaces, be it health, education or development. 


arts interventions have immense potential to enhance quality of life & wellbeing.  we work towards — documenting arts & wellbeing practices, collaboratively sharing & creating ideas with lived experience experts, and understanding the impact of arts interventions. 



  • creating content across media platforms 

  • curated arts content creation for organisations and events

  • building artists’ repertories

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