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we are a social enterprise aimed at improving health & wellbeing

through arts-based practices


our work involves:  

. creation and delivery of preventive and promotive arts-based mental health care programmes .

. design of bespoke arts and creative interventions for mental health and public health practice .

capacity building of non-specialist health workers and mental health professionals in using arts-based practices .

. using arts-based methods in health research and dissemination .

2023 milestones

  • 4000+ individuals engaging in workplace wellbeing programmes

  • 800+ individual therapy sessions

  • 300+ young people in schools engaging with arts based interventions

  • 70+ individuals trained in psychosocial interventions for community-based youth mental health

  • 20+ individuals trained in arts based practices for health & wellbeing

  • 12+ performances

  • 6 mental health resources in 3 languages

  • 2 partnerships - taking sumunum's work across Uttar Pradesh & Gujarat. 

there's always something new brewing at sumunum!

keep watching our website for more


if you ever want to reach out, get in touch

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