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inquiring, documenting, developing & bringing

arts interventions to more spaces

we strive to promote arts interventions in various spaces, be it health, education or development. arts interventions have immense potential to enhance quality of life & wellbeing & showcasing these processes helps – build & nurture a community that uses & promotes these practices, extend these interventions to more spaces, widen their scope & application & collectively strengthen our services.  

we work towards documenting arts & wellbeing practices, collaboratively sharing & creating ideas with lived experience experts & understanding the impact of arts interventions

scroll, read & watch to know more about some of our inquiries...

read about our inquiry commissioned by the Wellcome Trust here!

we recently released a video based on our review of arts engagement for young people with anxiety or depression, with Wellcome Trust as part of their active ingredients programme! 

you can watch it here -

we also had the opportunity to present our findings at the 2021 MQ Science Summit.


to learn more about our approach, findings and the opinions of our lived experience experts, you can watch the video below:

inquiries in the pipeline:  

  • open mYnd – a process evaluation  

  • navigating distress & health pathways – case studies of young people with mental health issues  

  • multi-art intervention aimed at supporting young people with mental health issues – a protocol paper  

  • coping with Covid-19 – experiences from across india  

  • sumunum connect – a telephonic wellbeing support line – implementation manual


to engage in any of these studies as a research assistant do get in touch with us!  

we would love to have a conversation & explore ways to collaborate! 

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