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a collective of artists & researchers who build a repository of content around arts based initiatives on health, development & overall wellbeing. 

we are working towards establishing a collective of writers, poets, visual artists, film makers & researchers.


we aim to build a repository of audio-visual content to document & archive the impact of arts based initiatives on health, development & overall wellbeing.

creatives works towards creating multi-arts' content to cater to the growing needs in the media & entertainment space, as well as curated & bespoke content as per an individual and/or organizational requirements. we also develop tailor-made multi-arts based written & audio-visual content, available for publication & distribution. 

do get in touch with us if you would like to collaborate with us & share our creative journeys together!

we love receiving & showcasing art!

if you would like to submit your work - whether it's a doodle, a painting, a poem or a film - for us to showcase, please send it in to, or tag us on social media!

we will always credit you when we share your work.

the arts make the world a better place - we can never have too much of it!

by kamala easwaran

by abhirami rao

by varsha rajabhaskar

by yuvashree haridoss

by deepika easwaran

by amrutha ramachandran

by abhirami rao

public art engagements

we are always looking for ways to use art to engage with more people!

our public arts engagements showcase live performances such as plays, poetry readings, musical performances, dance, etc. we also find ways to give our participants art activities that they can use to explore their own forms of expression.


our most recent engagement was a hybrid of things - a mental health kutcheri that happened on world mental health day! take a look to see our lived experience experts and audience engage in an evening of arts, emotions and expression!

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