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counselling services facilitated by mental health professionals 


artwork by yuvashree haridoss, lived experience expert

we offer counselling services for adolescents, adults & the elderly, facilitated by mental health professionals - psychologists and/or social workers. 

we call them conversations. 

we strive to create an enabling, non-judgemental & accepting space, embedded in principles of compassion, empathy & trust. our approach is eclectic, holistic, participatory & collaboratively led by the therapist and client. our conversations are directed towards improved management of mental health concerns & towards enhancing overall wellbeing for


individuals - our approach is systemic & we work with individual clients in tandem with their care providers, social network & ecosystem.

groups - we also offer support through group interventions. groups have the power to unify experiences & narratives. they provide a safe space to strengthen critical life skills & enable individuals to support each other. 

some of the many concerns that we tackle and work through are:

  • common and severe mental disorders (anxiety, depression, psychosis, neurotic disorders, eating disorders, ADHD etc.)

  • critical life transitions (eg - separation, loss &/or grief)

  • challenging behavioural patterns

  • relationship issues

  • workplace challenges

  • building resilience

  • emotional awareness

  • self-compassion

  • perspective-management

  • communication

  • finding narratives - for self and the world around us

what are conversations at sumunum like? 

you are the centre of our conversations. 

you are our priority.. 

the space is yours. 

we will… …  

ensure that you know you are being heard & that you are not alone  

create a space that is filled with warmth so that you can express yourself 

freely & without inhibition or fear or judgement 

do our best to ensure that you feel safe & comfortable  

not pressure you to share if you are not ready to 

always be honest with you - even if it is hard to hear

never offer platitudes or say something just because it may be something you want to hear 

validate your experiences and encourage you to explore the boundaries of your comfort zone 

we may have a lot of questions to ask, but we will also give you space and honour the need for silences 

together, we will 

laugh… cry… feel rage… 

feel heartbroken… 

feel uncomfortable… 

we will try to lean into the discomfort & try to work our way through it together


we will support you in the way that you need it & towards where you want to go to the best of our ability.

we believe very strongly in the fact that
income & affordability should not affect access to a health & social care service.
to ensure mental health services are accessible to everyone irrespective of their ability to pay,
sumunum foundation offers therapy on a sliding scale.
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what the journey with us looks like

comfort sessions - four introductory conversations where we

  • facilitate a safe and non-judgemental space

  • ensure mutual comfort & understanding

  • get to know each other 

  • set the intent and motivations

  • goal setting 

engagement sessions -  where we move along in our journey together towards

  • deeper awareness of thought & behaviour patterns

  • coping mechanisms 

  • arts engagements

  • self-care & management plans 

  • future road-maps & timelines

meet our mental health professionals!

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kamala easwaran

i’m kamala. i am a mental health & development professional. i am also an individual with a passion for stories. listening. sharing. creating. i believe we are all a work in progress. we all need greater self-acceptance, compassion & forgiveness rather than perfectionism & self-criticism. i believe strongly in the power of creating and sustaining connection. our connection will help us push through obstacles. it will help us get creative & push boundaries with care plans. ​ i believe in the sacred space that we share together during each conversation, and respect it profoundly. ​ my journey in mental health began serendipitously during my school days. i was quite certain of the kind of career paths that i did not want. ​ i knew for certain that i wanted to work with people - as in, be around them, with them, talking to them, learning from them - constantly. i have also always had a fondness for conversations, and for picking up on little nuances. i was fascinated by the unpredictability, fortitude and sheer perseverance of human behaviour. ​ this interest coupled with a personal experience of loss spurred me to explore psychology as a career pathway. i studied psychology, and then went on to do a master’s in development from King’s College London. ​ i chose development because of a firm belief in the fact that i wanted to move away from a solely ‘medical’ perspective into a more holistic, ecological systems & social justice-oriented lens to mental health. my training in psychology, coupled with a strong understanding of our local context, structural barriers to care such as gender, caste, class, sexual orientation makes me strongly equipped to work not only with an individual -- but in tandem with the ecosystem. ​ this dual orientation enables me to be aware of the systemic and social factors contributing to the mental health, wellbeing & illness continuum. ​ my approach is collaborative, holistic and integrated. i draw from several schools of thought and weave together tools & aspects from diverse interventions. care planning is personalised and will be driven by the both of us together. through a collaborative and holistic approach, i aim to support people in tackling challenging life transitions and complex problems such as bereavement, loss, chronic ill-health / pain, depression, anxiety, caregiver fatigue, personality disorders and other mental health conditions as well. in addition, i also work to support individuals in developing greater self-awareness and understanding and help them access inner and outer resources to better manage stressors and challenges of daily life. ​ i bring my heart, my whole self, and all the resources i can muster, into the conversations that we have. i aspire to support each individual i engage with to embrace their rough edges, build resilience & find greater compassion for themselves. we will work together to make way for the duality in life - to remind ourselves that we can find and experience joy, connectedness, resilience and hope in our distress / challenges.

ellen thomas

i'm ellen thomas. i am a practicing psychologist with over six years of learning and growing in the field. my journey in psychology has been a profound exploration of both myself and the complexities of mental health. i discovered my passion for psychology during my undergraduate studies, drawn in by its inherent curiosity. this initial interest led me to specialize in health psychology, yet my fascination with the subject continues to deepen. throughout my academic journey, psychology has also been transformative on a personal level. it has made me more mindful and provided valuable insights into the intricate workings of human behavior. i am excited to continue this journey of exploration and discovery, both in my practice and in furthering my understanding of the human mind. i believe in a personalized approach to therapy, integrating evidence based techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness Based Therapy while tailoring treatment plans to meet each client's unique needs and goals.

hari dharshini balaji

i am hari dharshini. i am an emerging psychologist and psychotherapist with a master's in clinical psychology fortified by hospital-based training. my areas of interest include working with grief, depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, sex and sexuality, relationships and other mental health conditions. i aim to build a trauma informed, queer and disability affirmative, socially sensitive practice. drawing from an eclectic lens, i derive my therapeutic approaches from behavioral therapy, gestalt techniques, transactional analysis, client-centric methodologies and compassionate inquiry. my ethos revolves around embracing diverse theories and techniques while prioritizing connection and authenticity in therapeutic spaces. continuously evolving, I have pursued additional learnings in modern applied psychology, transactional analysis, arts-based therapeutic interventions, psychosocial interventions, and gained experiential exposure through multiple internships and volunteering in various psychological domain. and looking forward to delve into couple,family and group therapy soon. in shaping my approach to wellbeing and mental health, i embrace a holistic perspective that acknowledges the interconnectedness of mind and body. this belief drives me to not only focus on alleviating symptoms but also to delve into the root causes of distress, fostering lasting transformation and growth. as a therapist, my motivation arises from a profound dedication to facilitating change in others lives. i am inspired by the resilience and capacity for growth inherent in every individual and am committed to accompanying clients on their journey towards betterment. central to my practice is the cultivation of a safe, nurturing, and nonjudgmental therapeutic space where individuals can freely explore their innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences. i believe in the power of genuine human connection and strive to establish a collaborative partnership with my clients, rooted in empathy, trust, and mutual respect. ultimately, my passion as a therapist lies in witnessing the profound transformations and newfound resilience that occur when individuals are supported in their journey towards healing and growth, "the best way out is through ".

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conversational experiences at sumunum

"when i started with kamala, i was clinically depressed, on medication and barely functional.  i have seen many therapists and it’s never worked for me. 


my experience with kamala has been nothing short of incredible, because i don’t have depression anymore (fingers crossed).

something that’s haunted me since i was kid, i don’t have it now.


she gives a very clear framework to deal with things. i feel her strategy is very client specific, so it was personalised to suit me. there is a huge comfort factor with her, where i can talk about anything with her.


this beautiful safe space was created, with her , which is what really helped me heal. it was really easy to open up because there is zero judgement. most importantly, she’s helped me create this safe space for myself."


please do connect with us to know more!

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