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 sliding scale

we believe very strongly in the fact that income & affordability should not affect access to a health & social care service.


we understand that commitment to a therapeutic process means continued sessions, which can sometimes make the financial commitment heavy. this may be particularly challenging for different vulnerable groups (such as young people in schools / colleges without access to an income & individuals from marginalised communities).


to ensure mental health services are accessible to everyone irrespective of their ability to pay, sumunum foundation offers therapy on a sliding scale.  

we offer therapeutic counselling services for adolescents, adults & the elderly, facilitated by mental health professionals, trained in strengths based, dialogic approaches. we call them conversations.


we strive to create an enabling, safe, non-judgemental and accepting space, embedded in principles of compassion, empathy & trust.

our approach is eclectic, holistic, participatory, and collaboratively led by the therapist and client. our conversations are directed towards better managing mental health concerns & towards enhancing overall wellbeing for individuals & groups.  

you can get to know our process & approach here! 

to know more about our available slots & cost bands,

book an introductory call with us,

or reach out to us at !

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