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we know that arts & wellbeing go hand in hand with a healthy planet. to do our part we are constantly looking for ways to be more conscious & sustainable. 

unlike automobiles and their exhaust pipes, it is challenging to fathom the ecological impact of the internet.

the sheer amounts of power and storage required to keep the internet running influences the carbon footprint.


the internet emits an approximate 300 million tonnes of co2 every year

outstripping the aviation industry, it was responsible for 2% of the global emissions in 2007! 


india ranks in the top three of internet users in the world.


while we can hardly fathom a world without the internet and our dependance on the digital ecosystem,


we at sumunum are committed to work towards eco-friendly measures and practices to reduce the carbon footprint of all our activities, especially our internet presence.


our future website versions are a work in progress and will include the following thereby adhering to our own internal commitments to our environment


  • ecofriendly web hosting

  • efficiency in design

  • ‘less of things’ templates and frameworks

  • consistent and constant monitoring of our work

  • simplify processes to make them eco-responsible

  • sharing our learning to empower this space


if you would like to be a part of our green journeys, we would love to hear from you and learn from you


all the chais and coffees at sumunum are locally sourced and organic.

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