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sumunum scool is the learning circle at sumunum.

we offer arts based experiential learning programmes for individuals across all ages & backgrounds,

in collaboration with our partner, theatre y.  

we believe: 







in short, we believe that creativity and imagination are agents of wellbeing, and help keep individuals happier, healthier and enhance overall quality of life. 


we offer programmes in arts & wellbeing.

look below to explore & know more--


arts programmes

various arts based experiential learning programmes, each looking to develop skills that assist in communication, storytelling, learning & expression. 


open mYnd

an arts based social emotional learning programme for young people that aims to develop a strong self-identity. it seeks to build resilience & enable young people to manage the stressors of daily life in an effective manner.

  • the arts make our world a better place 

  • the arts enable compassion, empathy, connection, resilience & bring people together 

  • in the arts’ unique ability to build empowering narratives for ourselves and others. 

  • anyone can learn to harness the power of creativity and art to enhance feelings of wellness. 

interested in our programmes? get in touch!

we would be happy to have a conversation with you & discuss further!

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