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we offer a range of arts based experiential learning programmes, each looking to develop skills that assist in communication, storytelling, learning & expression. 

browse through our list to know more about what each programme has to offer--


an acting training programme for stage & camera  


a voice training programme which takes an individual from the basics of voice exercises to its application in media. 


a story telling programme to tell telling stories in the most telling manner  


a story telling programme using comics &

a little animation

for children! 


a theatre training programme for children between the ages of

7 and 15,

exploring drama, writing, poetry, drawing & other arts

trying to understand if these programmes are for you?

learn more about-

the who, why, where, etc. :

for more details, reach out to us!

we would be happy to get in touch & have a conversation with you.

  • for artists & communicators, basically anyone from any path of life! 

  • by learning enablers & content built over 20+ years of experience 

  •  a mix of intensive, exploratory & reflective in-person & online sessions

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