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learning programmes


we offer arts training, mentoring & development programmes for adults and children. 


our training programmes are powered by our drama, arts training and engagement partne

theatre Y 


the duration of our learning programmes are from a period of 21 days to 6 months and are for








a drama based arts training programme for children between the ages of 7 and 15. in this programme we introduce children to an exciting blend of basic acting, voice, story-telling, writing and poetry skills. 

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a social emotional arts based experiential learning program for children across their ages at school.  the program aims at enabling and empowering children to create strong narratives for themselves and understanding their spaces in the world.

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a workshop that introduces children to the world of writing and cartooning. storYlines aims to the first step towards the concept of ‘visual representation’ of an individual’s imagination and fantasy.

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all ages

act one

a theatre training programme for adults that teaches the basics of acting through a ‘learning-by-doing’ approach, which is an optimized mix of theory and practice, and takes an individual from solo sessions to acting with a group

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voice one 


 a voice training programme especially tailor-made to focus on the voice, which takes an individual from the basics of voice to levels of skill in communication.


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script one

a writing programme tailor made to engage individuals in the understanding and practice of the process of scriptwriting from envisioning of the idea, to translation into written word and performance thereafter.

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