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act one

an acting training programme for stage & camera

programme brief


act one is a training programme for actors to  learn the basics of acting. the programme is an optimized mix of both theory and practice.  


we use an experiential learning approach where the actor has exposure to, and learns different theories, techniques and exercises by doing . the ‘learning by doing approach’ makes the learning more  personal, and ensures greater application & retention.  

the programme moves from solo sessions to group work. we begin with an intense and detailed understanding of the self on stage through carefully chosen exercises and role play modules. the programme leads up to and culminates in a group based activity, where the focus continues to be on the individual, and working alongside their skills and challenges.  

the learning is enhanced by detailed & interactive feedback  sessions that take place through the course of the programme.  

what you will learn

  • basic stage theory and application 

  • physical warm-up routine 

  • voice warm-up routine 

  • understanding the application of the warm-up routine 

  • basics of emotion and related theory and exercises 

  • solo acting techniques through exercises and feedback 

  • understanding of basic language and applications 

  • language skills using poetry and related skills 

  • dynamics of space, self and their applications 

  • imaginative and creative story-telling and showing 

  • dual and group acting techniques through exercises and feedback 

  • text reading, listening, understanding and interpretation 

  • basics of a story and its dynamics through theory and application 

  • storytelling techniques through exercises 

  • concepts of pace and space in acting 

  • camera concepts for the actor 

  • imagination and its place in acting through exercises and improvisations 

  • feedback and critiquing 

  • analysis of individual strengths and weaknesses through acting sessions and exercises 

  • group interaction, learning and techniques of group dynamics 

  • final assessment, feedback and interactive sessions

further details


14-17, 18 onwards  

batch size

maximum 24 students  


50-60 hours (4-5 weeks) 

to enrol or know more details, write to us!

we'd be happy to have a conversation with you!

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