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how can I learn to articulate & communicate active empathy, compassion & equanimity in therapeutic conversations? 

programme brief


conversations are an integral part of our everyday lives and our relationships! be it to express ourselves, to get to know the other person, or to discover likes, dislikes, similarities or differences. 


this programme focuses on the ‘conversation dynamic’, with specific focus on the therapeutic space. we breakdown different segments of a conversation, explore responses, reactions and behaviours that enable a strong conversation, and understand how to communicate and convey empathy, compassion and care. we also focus on understanding our own strengths and challenges as we engage in our conversations, right from building the connection to sustaining it


what we learn

  • conversations: what are they 

  • anatomy of a conversation : 

    • greeting  

    • trust building 

    • crisis sharing  

    • crisis intervention / management  

    • endnotes  

  • swinging the ‘vines’ -- how do we sustain conversations? 

  • learning to converse - the give & take

  • communicating active empathy and compassion  

  • connection vs transference and countertransference 

  • assumptions, judgements, and opinions – management  

  • directiveness – handling with care  

  • validation and holding space 

to enrol or know more details, write to us!

we'd be happy to have a conversation with you!

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