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we offer 6 different experiential learning programmes in wellbeing, each looking to develop skills that assist in mindfulness, understanding & empathy, facilitating strong communication & listening, resilience training & more... 

browse through our list to know more about what each programme has to offer--



how do i learn to be fully present in a care setting to facilitate deep listening, authentic understanding & connection?



how can i learn to be mindful of my internal dialogues & value drivers, to engage, disengage & harness their potential? 



how can i learn to articulate & communicate active empathy, compassion & equanimity in therapeutic conversations? 



how can i learn to build a strong therapeutic alliance & strengthen my bond with my client? 


take-ing care

how do i apply all the learning from be-ing, aware, express-ing & share-ing in practical & simulated settings?  


reach-ing in & out

explore the process of seeking & offering support

trying to understand if these programmes are for you?

learn more about-

the who, why, where, etc. :





for more details, reach out to us!

we'd be happy to get in touch & have a conversation with you.

  • for human service professionals - psychologists, social workers, educators, development professionals, doctors, coaches etc 

  • aspiring human service professionals – aka students   

  • anyone & everyone with an interest in mental health & wellbeing 

  • optimum mix of in-person & online sessions 

  • by trained mental health professionals, practitioners & learning enablers with over 20+ years of experience 

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