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reach-ing in & out

explore the process of seeking & offering support

programme brief


reach-ing in & out is a short-term experiential learning programme where we explore the process of seeking & offering support. 


sometimes, in the face of difficulties and challenges, we all come to a point where we may require some form of support. at this stage we may sometimes choose to reach-in - use our own internal resources to cope/ manage our challenges. sometimes, we may come to the realization that reach-ing in may not offer the kind of support we are looking for, in which case — we may reach-out, or turn to people and external resources, or use a combination of reach-ing in and reach-ing out.


this programme aims to explore the care space & dive into the important roles we play as both support seekers and support providers, enabling us to identify & articulate our feelings, strengthen our resources, build a strong symbiotic support system & to care for ourselves and others when they need it.  art based activities are used as a medium of expression throughout the programme. 

what we learn

  • nature of difficulties/ differences / challenges  

  • dynamics of the care mechanism  

  • coping mechanisms 

  • seeking support – who, what, where, when 

  • providing support for others  

  • conversation in the care space – what to say & what to cautiously avoid. 

          this learning programme has been curated to:

  • support & enhance positive help seeking 

  • make it easier for us to access support & be supportive  

  • foster inclusive & connected communities 


                                           and is for.. 

  • a mental health service user 

  • a caregiver 

  • a mental health service provider 

  • an educator 

  • & just anyone & everyone 

to enrol or know more details, write to us!

we'd be happy to have a conversation with you!

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