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a story telling programme using comics & a little animation! 

programme brief

storYlines aims to enable a ‘visual representation’  of an individual’s imagination and fantasy


right from comics, animation films and graphic novels, to cartoon strips in the dailies, we see the art form of telling stories through sketches and illustrationsstorYlines aims to offer first steps for an individual to tap his/her inner worlds.  


the aim of storYlines is to enable individuals to think up simple stories and represent them visually in their own inimitable style.  

what you will learn

  • basics of a story 

  • introduction to creating characters 

  • introduction to events, situations and plots 

  • learning expression of body and face through acting exercises 

  • basics of character drawing 

  • faces and expressions drawing 

  • drawing characters (animate and inanimate) 

  • creating and drawing basic comic panels and strips (storyboarding)

  • merging writing and drawing to tell a story visually 

  • and a lot more fun exercises with drawing and writing. 

  • the students will be trained in drawing by professional illustrators and artists and will be taught to draw in their own way and create a style that is unique to them. 

further details


14-17, 18 onwards  

batch size

maximum 24 students  


50-60 hours (4-5 weeks) 

to enrol or know more details, write to us!

we'd be happy to have a conversation with you!

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