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take-ing care

how do i apply all the learning from be-ing, aware, express-ing & share-ing in practical & simulated settings?

programme brief


taking care is an intensive, experiential capstone programme that one can enroll in only after going through any three of the four programmes – being, aware, express and share.


‘taking care’ offers a space for exploring and practicing various concepts & skills learnt from the other programmes, under supervision from experienced practitioners.  

the learning process involves mock calls, role plays, partnered session observations and personal reflective elements. individual work along with group-based work & feedback enables understanding of personal strengths and challenges in the therapeutic engagement space, along with gathering different perspectives.  

the programme also delves into understanding the workings of a mental health and wellbeing support line, where we will understand the dynamics of conversations and care over the telephone. 

what we learn

  • mock sessions using role play.  

  • detailed feedback and discussions post mock sessions. 

  • personal reflections – self-awareness and monitoring 

  • partnered session observation. 

  • proving care through a support line  

  • the conversation dynamics in a phone call 

  • mock calls  

  • notes and reflections 

to enrol or know more details, write to us!

we'd be happy to have a conversation with you!

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