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tell one

a story telling programme to tell telling stories in the most telling manner  

what is my story?

  • understanding a story

  • deconstructing a story (segments)

  • story line- structure of my story

  • strengths & weaknesses of my story

  • elements to make my story

why do i want to tell my story, any story?

  • understanding & articulation of your intent

  • finding your perspectives & focus areas

  • shaping your story based on your intent

  • understanding the concept of 'weightage' in your story

  • finding & understanding what you do not want to say and therefore what you would like to say

who is my audience? (who do i want to tell my story to?)

  • understanding what 'audience' means to you

  • finding & fixing your audience

  • understanding 'audience dynamic'

  • respecting audience diversity & shaping your story

  • the 'out-of-body' experience for a storyteller

where should i be telling my story

  • understanding medium & therefore MEDIA

  • understanding communication possibilities & potential wrt media

  • understanding 'sources' & 'resources'

  • simplifying your story & building MEDIA dependent stories

how should i be telling my story

  • understanding how the earlier question come together to shape the 'how'

  • understanding & creating your 'narrative'

  • sources, resources & understanding 'creative choice'

  • breaking down in order to BUILD/CREATE

  • everything is connected- how?

whatever your story might be
whatever medium you choose
strengthen your understanding & learning about the various layers & nuances that determine the telling of a story

learn the approaches & skills in finding your direction & then 
directing your story telling journeys

further details


18 onwards  

batch size

maximum 24 students  


50-60 hours (4-5 weeks) 

to enrol or know more details, write to us!

we'd be happy to have a conversation with you!

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