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how do i learn to be fully present in a care setting to facilitate deep listening, authentic understanding & connection?

programme brief


when we engage with another person, be it in a therapeutic setting or otherwise, one of the most important aspects is our ‘presence’ in the space we share with them.


this learning programme explores what being there and presence means to us. we also explore  ‘presence’ specifically in a therapeutic context. we seek to understand  — what a ‘therapeutic alliance’ is, the role it plays in building trust & enabling strong therapeutic outcomes, and ways through which we can build the alliance.


through the course of the programme, we break down various fundamental skills including — building rapport, setting intent, expressing empathy, and engaging in a way that feels genuine to ourselves. 


what we learn

  • what is therapeutic presence?   

  • what does being present mean? (for ourselves and others) 

  • what is a therapeutic alliance? 

  • the role of a therapeutic alliance  

  • how to establish rapport  

  • setting the intent for the engagement   

  • engaging with self & client   

  • communicating with verbal & non verbal cues   

  • ways to express empathy   

  • genuineness and authenticity

to enrol or know more details, write to us!

we'd be happy to have a conversation with you!

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