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funtY is a theatre training programme for children between the ages of 7 and 15, exploring drama, writing, poetry, drawing & other arts 

programme brief


funtY is a theatre training programme for children between the ages of 7 and 15

we introduce children to an exciting blend of basic acting, voice, story-telling, writing and poetry skills. this includes theatre exercises, voice exercises and writing exercises that help the child develop skills in public speaking and expression. the techniques are taught through solo exercises and group activities.

exercises are also aimed at enhancing the process of creative visualization.  


what you will learn

  • introduction to theatre 

  • basics of acting 

  • acting exercises to improve expression through voice and body 

  • solo improvisations and group improvisations 

  • story telling basics 

  • introduction to creative writing 

  • writing poems, stories, essays, journals, etc., and plenty more fun related to theatre and writing  

  • the importance of preparation & practice  

  • the nuances of a ‘performance’ 

  • planning, evaluation, appraisal, feedback & judgement skills 

benefits of the programme

theatre skills go a long way in helping children in their academics and life in general.

research has proven the positive effect of theatre on children’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. theatre helps in the development of:

 children also become more physically fit, develop social awareness and aesthetic appreciation. theatre can also be an emotional outlet and helps develop sensitivity through role-playing. 

  • self-confidence

  • self-discipline

  • trust

  • empathy

  • creative visualisation

  • cooperation

  • concentration

  • memory

  • communication

  • collaboration skills

further details


7 to 15


batch size

maximum 24 students  


2 weeks or 6 months

to enrol or know more details, write to us!

we'd be happy to have a conversation with you!

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