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how can I learn to build a strong therapeutic alliance & strengthen my bond with my client?

programme brief


'share’ aims to enable learning of various ‘foundational’ microskills that help us build strong therapeutic relationships. these microskills include — attending, active listening, empathy, questioning, paraphrasing, interpreting & summarising. over the course of the programme, we understand how to communicate our care & warmth to the people we engage with, and how to strengthen our conversations and processes to enable strong therapeutic outcomes.

what we learn

  • foundational skills for therapeutic engagement – what and why  

  • attending  

  • building rapport  

  • active listening – CPR of listening, barriers to listening, practices that foster active listening  

  • reflection – reflection of feelings, content, reflexivity  

  • summarization and silence 

  • setting intent  

  • questioning – what to ask, what to avoid, ways to frame our questions 

  • genuineness  

  • concreteness  

  • interpretation  

  • active empathy, compassion and kindness  

  • resilience training and emotional management 

to enrol or know more details, write to us!

we'd be happy to have a conversation with you!

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