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voice one

a voice training programme especially tailor-made to focus on the voice, which takes an individual from the basics of voice exercises to its application in media. 

programme brief


the programme begins with the basics of voice exercises and then moves on to the application of voice in media. this programme moves further into understanding and appreciating language, its dynamics and potential.  activities of learning cover all areas such as listening, reading aloud, text analysis and interpretation. 

we use a mix of  solo and group related activity.  

what you will learn

  • basic voice theory and applications 

  • physical warm-up routine 

  • voice warm-up routine through vocal exercises 

  • understanding the application of warm-up routines 

  • basics of human sound and its functions 

  • application of techniques learnt in actual role-play exercises 

  • emotions – its relation to voice and application methods 

  • language, its construction and formation 

  • understanding language in relation to its reproduction by voice 

  • advanced voice exercises and applications 

  • speech skills – theory, practice and application

  • pronunciation, enunciation, diction skills  

  • pitch, modulation, tones – theory, skills and application 

  • listening and reading skills – theory, practice and application 

  • media-specific applications and exercises e.g. radio, voiceovers etc. 

  • application of skills learnt through exercises of narratives and story-telling 

  • introduction to poetry 

  • poetry reading – theory, skills of analysis for rendering and performance 

  • text analysis and interpretation through poetry and text reading techniques 

  • freehand improvisations using the skills acquired and the application 

  • final assessment, feedback and interactive sessions 

further details


14-17, 18 onwards  

batch size

maximum 24 students  


50-60 hours (4-5 weeks) 

to enrol or know more details, write to us!

we'd be happy to have a conversation with you!

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